Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Add value to your property by converting loft space

You can seriously add value to your property by looking at getting your loft converted into living space or extra bedroom with en-suite.

Understanding the loft conversion building process and knowing what to expect will help your relationship with the builders and architects. It's the same really with any other home improvement project.

* Depending on the complexity of your loft conversion it could take from four to eight weeks and sometimes more.
* Before work starts, the relevant permissions should have been gained and scaffolding erected.
* The builders are going to gain access via the roof for the first half of the build. As the existing joists in the roof aren't strong enough to support people and furniture, they will need to be strengthened with steel joists.
* Velux windows will be fitted early on along with other structural works, such as framing for a hip-to-gable or a mansard extension.
* Work on the interior of the loft conversion, such as erecting the interior walls, begins about half way through the build.
* Breaking through into the rest of the house to construct the fixed staircase happens next, along with plastering, electrical and plumbing work that is needed.
* Adding the final fittings (such as shelving), decorating and furnishing, will bring the project to a close.

DIY enthusiasts will be happy to find out that there are loads of advice and diy guides online. The same if you are looking for east London builders.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Properties in need of renovation

Whether you want to make your mark on a house, or even make your millions in property development, you're not alone.

This is where the serious work and financial commitment really kicks in. As well as shelling out for a new kitchen (maybe a simple appliance repair would do the trick) and bathroom, you're likely to discover less desirable original features such as two-pin plug sockets and lead pipes. Add to that inefficient or non-existent heating systems, gas boiler and you could easily find yourself shelling out £20,000 just to make your new home habitable. These certainly are not projects for the faint hearted and you would need home improvement quotes before letting yourself into this venture. Look for local builders in London, such as builders in Leyton or builders in Walthamstow.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Buying your first property in London

Do you live in London for a while now? Have you ever had a naughty though of buying your own place to live in London? If you don't fall in the 10% lucky ones then forget about it. No, really! Property prices, mortgage rates in London are highest ever. You might turn around and say, well you can always find a cheap studio flat to start with (property ladder?) - but if you're earning around 30k per year (not a bad salary indeed), then all you can get without hard saving process is a studio flat for 100k just big enough to fit in a single bed and cooker.